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5 Ways to be a Badass in the Gym

SANO Editorial

Fitness has taken a turn for the strong-and we're all about it at SANO. In fact, following suit—and learning exactly how to be a badass—is at the top of our fitness goals as we start to think about the holiday season and New Year, New You.

But what is a badass? When you're a true badass, you really live your life like it's the only one you've got. You're not only in better shape, you're doing what you want for a living, you're having more fun, and you're more inspired and energized.

And the benefits are real. For one, when you're doing what you want and having more fun, you're likely happier. And researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health suggest happiness has huge effects on health-especially when it comes to the heart. In one study, they found that emotional vitality (defined as a sense of enthusiasm, hopefulness, and engagement in life) reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.  Checkout out our top 5 tips for being a badass.

Think Positively. Success starts with confidence, right? One of the biggest predictors of performance is self-efficacy, which is the belief that you can complete a task.  It’s all about that mind-body connection; strong mind equals a stronger body. If I have the expectation and the sense of a can-do attitude, you’ll be more likely to be able to do it.

Don’t Give a Damn. Another trademark of a badass: an "I don't give a f#ck" attitude. Do you think professional athletes like Tom Brady, Serena Williams and Tiger Woods pay attention to the haters? Research has found those who based their sense of self-worth on what others thought about them actually had lower health scores. And for those who didn’t give a f#ck what their peers thought were less likely to experience drug abuse, eating disorders and reported overall lower levels of stress. To adopt this way of thinking, it's about focusing on the things you can control and forgetting the things you can't. You can't do anything about the outcome of a race, but you can focus on your technique and breathing when you race.

Be a Risk Taker. A badass athlete is just someone who goes all-in.  Pick your role models then follow suit. The advantage of following the sports psychology principle of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-oriented. Taking a totally unrealistic risk—like running a marathon when you’ve never completed a 10k—can be demoralizing if you fail. However taking risks and being successful can help your brain fine tune what's motivating you to reach your fitness goals in the first place.

Repetition is the Father of Boredom. In order to be a badass, you have to go out and try something new that you’ve been talking about doing but haven’t accomplished. And adding innovation to your training plan will actually increase your fitness gains. By switching up your workout routine, your muscularity and strength improve. We recommend checking out a boxing class at Rumble, throwing around some kettlebells at TruFusion or taking a hot yoga class at Yoga Vida.

Love Yourself. Do things regularly that you bring you joy often. When you look up sexy in a dictionary there should be a picture of a happy version of you!  Take time out to calm your mind every day, realize that beauty can not be defined, be patient by persistent, follow your passions and make certain to celebrate your wins no matter how big or small.

For those that are willing to adopt to that badass mindset, you are just flat out tougher than the rest of us!

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