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5 Ways to Be Mindful on Vacation

SANO Editorial

More than 50% of people take vacations in the summer months which on average last about a week.  We take vacations to relax, recharge and heal our bodies and minds from the everyday stress.  Try these suggestions to be more mindful during vacation and experience new pleasures.

Digital Disconnect.    We spend so much in our lives responding to emails, liking pictures and posting comments on social media.  Instead of continuing that pattern while on vacation, you should separate yourself from the digital world and unplug.  Although this may be challenging for most, creating boundaries ahead of your vacation can be helpful.  Some digital disconnect suggestions include powering-down while on the plane, checking your phone only when in the hotel room and reading a print copy novel or magazine.  By initiating a digital disconnect, you will find yourself as being more present and centered in the moment.  You may even find yourself initiating some of these habits into your everyday life upon returning from vacation.  And your mind will thank you later.     

Remain Flexible.  Road traffic, long airport security lines, flight delays, unprepared hotel rooms upon arrival and long waits for pre-booked restaurant reservations are all things that are out of our personal control.  Rather than allowing unforeseen circumstances that are uncontrollable to create negative emotions, try to go with the flow while you’re on vacation.  Hit the reset button by taking three deep breaths and just accept the present situation.  Just because you may not stick to your original, perfectly planned itinerary, you’ll likely find something positive is right around the corner.  And remember, no vacations are bad vacations!

Find Time to Workout / Meditate.  Our productivity decreases and diminishes when we are stressed.  While on vacation make it a priority to move your body and meditate.  You can move your body by simply stretching, swimming, taking a walk or run on the beach, going hiking or practicing yoga. In conducting these mindful exercises, be aware of your increased sensory stimulations.  Whether it’s listening to the birds chirping, the waves crashing on the sandy shoreline or the feeling of your skin after absorbing the friendly minerals of salt water, take the time to allow your senses to be overwhelmed by nature that surrounds you. There are some superb guided mindfulness meditation apps on smartphones that you can use to reset your mind and body.  We like Stop, Breathe & Think. Find 5-15 minutes each vacation day to scan your body and allow your mind and body to reset and recharge.

Expand Your Comfort Zone.  Vacations can be a wonderful time to expand your life outside of your current comfort zone and initiate change.  First you must be mindful in pinpointing what it is you’re attempting to change in your life and focus on the life you want.  Next step is to assure your mind that you can accomplish your goals and to take action from the current status quo.  If you are trying to get over a significant other, now is a great time to stop checking his/her Facebook and Instagram accounts and sending empty texts that have a negative impact on your self-esteem.  If your goal is to increase your health and appearance, commit to breaking away from casually working out and push yourself to newly established goals.  If you think you can’t accomplish your fitness goals alone, locate the perfect trainer that will assist you in meeting the goals and appearance you desire. If you're seeking fitness inspiration, checkout the Dogpound's Instagram page; not only do the good vibes set this gym apart from other boutique fitness studios, but it's the way people are working out there. Your comfort zone is where you live 90% of your life; commit to exploring the other 10%!! 

By All Means, Treat Yourself.  There is no better time to be kind and generous to yourself than when on vacation.  Whatever makes you smile more and worry less, now is the time to take advantage of centering your mind and body.  Eat what you want and when your body tells you are hungry (get off your regular eating schedule), indulge in adult beverages, treat yourself to massages and don’t set morning alarms.  Over time our bodies become accustomed to our natural routines, so instead of setting an alarm, get out of bed when you feel like you had the proper amount of sleep.  Treat as much as you want (within reason) and commit to staying in the moment you’ve created.  Focus on your mind being in the same place as your body and enjoying the sensation or luxury that each experience presents.  Enrich yourself in the beauty of the experience.  

Whether it’s a de-stressing or creating change in your life, use your summer vacation to practice and increase your mindfulness. You’ll intensify your relaxation, maximize your joy, revitalize your spirit and enjoy all that the change of environment has to offer.

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