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Infrared Saunas to Detox & Energize from the Inside

SANO Editorial

In today’s always on-the-go lifestyle, you likely aren’t feeling your #SANOself day in and day out.  How would you feel if we told you about an impactful way to purify your body of the toxins and stress that keep you operating at peak performance?  Infrared saunas are super hot right now—figuratively and literally.  Deep, cellular sweating is key to detoxify and energize your body, and it also provides you a great opportunity to digitally detox and relax too.  In the sections that follow, we inform you of an effective way to detox the impurities that are trapped inside of your body. 

What is Chromotherapy? Chromotherapy is the science of using colors as a therapeutic tool. Chromotherapists claim that sunlight can be used in form of colors to heal the mind, spirit, and lack of energy from body. They believe that colors have an untold story that can help heal our body and spirit. Colors have ability to affect our emotions, perception and can calm down or inspire us. Each of the seven chakras (or energy centres) in the human body is linked to a precise organ or system and can be manipulated by means of a specific color. An unbalanced Chakra causes various health issues in the body.

Infrared vs. Traditional Saunas. Traditional steam and hot rock saunas typically function at extremely high temperatures that are commonly set in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit creating an uncomfortable heat environment for most people.  The invisible part of the sun’s spectrum that provides the heat is infrared light.  Infrared light is responsible for everything living. Full spectrum saunas emit three infrared wavelengths independent of each other: near, mid, and far. Far infrared saunas are the most common on the market and penetrate the human tissue providing for a deep, detoxifying sweat.  At optimal frequencies, the different wavelengths can precisely target specific benefits.

Health Benefits. Sweating is a way of detoxifying impurities from the body, and most humans don’t do it enough.  The regular use of infrared or chromolight therapy saunas can help purify the body from the inside out benefitting mental, physical, and spiritual recovery.  Below are the benefits that the infrared spectrum has on the body:

  • NEAR: cell health/immunity, wound healing, anti-aging
  • MID: improved circulation, weight loss, pain relief
  • FAR: detoxification, lowered blood pressure, relaxation

Pre, During and Post-Sauna. Prior to entering an infrared sauna you will want to take the necessary procedures to prepare your body for the increase in core body temperature. In addition to consuming half your body weight in water throughout the day for peak hydration, you will want to consume at least 12 ounces of water just prior to your session.  The optimal sauna session occurs for a period of 40 minutes with temperatures ranging from 100 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  To get your body accustomed, you may want to begin with 15-20 minute sessions at 100 degrees Fahrenheit every second or third day. You may notice that your body does not immediately sweat during these sessions, which is completely normal.  Regular use of infrared saunas will provide increased sweating removing toxins from your body to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  After your sauna, you’ll want to consume at least 24 ounces of liquids.  You may choose to re-hydrate with water, beverages that include electrolytes, or nutrient-dense plant-based protein, like SANO.   

Benefits Associated with Color.  Some colors soothe while others excite. Some help focus while others free the mind. Some important chromolight therapy colors and their effects on the human body are summarized below:

  • RED: activates the circulatory and nervous system
  • STRONG PINK: acts as a cleanser, strengthening the veins and arteries
  • PINK: activates and eliminates impurities from the blood stream
  • ORANGE: energizes and eliminates localized fat; helps address asthma and bronchitis
  • STRONG YELLOW: strengthens the body and acts on the internal tissues
  • YELLOW: reactivates and purifies the skin; helps with indigestion and bodily distress
  • GREEN: acts as a nerve relaxant
  • STRONG GREEN: provides anti-infectious, anti-septic and regenerative stimulation
  • STRONG BLUE: lubricates joints and articulations; helps address infections, stress and nervous tension
  • BLUE: stimulates muscle and skin cells, nerve and the circulatory system
  • INDIGO: helps address inflammation, cataracts, glaucoma, ocular fatigue or nose bleeds
  • VIOLET: relaxes the nerves and lymphatic system; addresses inflammations and urinary illness

Now is the time to experience inner-body vitality, muscle and organ relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, improved cell health, better circulation, anti-aging, skin purification, and weight loss a.k.a. the “holy grail” that are provided through the regular use of infrared saunas.   

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