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Creating a Better Version of You

SANO Editorial

It’s a new year, and for many of us that accompanied the goal of transforming our diet and fitness regimen.  If a good portion of you have fallen off the proverbial wagon for New Year’s resolutions, we thought we could help you frame your resolutions in a slightly different way.  And for those of you who have stuck to your resolution so far—congratulations and we think you may find this article useful too.    

Accept and Love Yourself Now.  You may have heard this before, but you can’t really love another until you fully immerse loving yourself. If you carefully observe what you already have with appreciation and bless it for having significance in your life, you can reset your brain to acknowledge all of the good things in your life.  Acknowledging all that is good in your life is the groundwork for all richness.  Once you have ability to realize and accept all of the intrinsic assets you possess, you can successfully increase your feeling of self-worth and share that with others.  

Release Anger and Practice Forgiveness.  When someone you have feelings for hurts you with their actions or words we have a tendency to retain anger, resentment and seek revenge to even the score.  While the feeling of anger is completely normal for humans, it can sometimes effect our physical and mental health.  Research by the Mayo Clinic suggests the retention of anger can cause difficulty sleeping, digestive problems and event heart conditions.  The quicker you are able to forgive and release yourself from the feeling of resentment from the negative experiences of the past, the better you will be to move on.  Try articulating your feelings on paper or meditating about your negative experience so you can learn to not repeat them in the future.  Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself.

Always Be Polite and Courteous.  How much effort does it take to say “thank you” or “thank you so much” to someone that may have done something for you, or to hold a door for someone who might be a couple steps behind you?  During your morning commute, try starting your day holding a door or elevator for someone and feel the gratitude encapsulate your body.  And if someone is rude or condescending to you, kill them with your kindness. Your small act of kindness may put them in a better mood and have a rippling effect to others they may encounter throughout the day. 

Surprise Someone Special.  Everyone likes surprises right? Think about the rush of excitement you experience when a package awaits you at home as you try to think what might be inside, or that time your friend told you that just the two of you were going out for drinks/dinner and the rest of your friends/family/colleagues were there to celebrate a special occasion in your life.  Why do those little unexpected pleasures in life mean so much to us?  According to Dr. Gregory S. Berns, MD, PhD, our brain’s pleasure sensors are more “turned on” when we experience unpredictable enjoyable things relative to predictable events.  Turn a loved one’s pleasure sensors on by sending them a card or present.  And remember, it’s not about the gift’s value, it’s the words that accompany it and the thought that counts. 

Live for Yesterday.  Everything we read today tells us to live for the moment.  While we believe that it’s important to savor the fruitfulness of the beauty and love that surrounds us, today is really tomorrow’s yesterday.  Sometimes living “in the moment” results in impulse behavior causing undesirable results and strife in our lives. Living too in the moment can sometimes cause subsequent depression due to martial issues, financial illiquidity and even health concerns.  When you think about it, living in the past is really living in the present and it’s critical to realize the decisions you make today will significantly impact the results of the vision and goals you set to obtain in the future.

Becoming a better person doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s most important to believe in yourself and know that there is a better you inside that desires to come out.  Sometimes choosing the road less traveled will make all the difference.

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