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Plant-Based Protein Powder Guide for Beginners

SANO Editorial

Whether you are an experienced user of non-dairy plant-based protein powders or if you’re on your new year’s resolution journey, you’ll find this article of interest.  At SANO—meaning ‘healthy’ in the Italian language—our cornerstone product is organic, plant-based nutrition for those seeking to live their best luxury lifestyle.  SANO organic plant-based proteins are made from a multi-source blend of plant-based proteins and are an excellent option to increase more plant-based nutrition into your on-the-go life.   

Is SANO Plant-Based Protein Right for Me? Which protein powder is best for beginners?  Whether you desire high-quality nutrition, the addition of more plant-based foods into your diet or a post-workout recovery protein shake, SANO is right for you.  In selecting SANO organic plant-based protein each serving includes 20 grams of clean protein from pea protein, hemp protein and flaxseeds—which include all nine essential amino acids—vitamins and minerals, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.  Our flavors are available in two delectable options that include vanilla and chocolate. We are an easy addition to a plant-based diet for beginners and experts alike. 

How Can I Use My Plant-Based Protein Powder?  No matter which flavor you select, not only are they delicious in taste but they are extremely versatile.  Our organic plant protein powder tastes yummy when mixed with water or your favorite non-dairy beverages.  Additionally, SANO proteins can also be used in a lot of different ways in the kitchen such as shaking it, blending it, baking it and rolling it. 

Shaking It. Do you always find yourself on-the-go?  No worries, SANO organic plant-based proteins are conveniently packaged in single-serve sizes to take with you.  Take any blender bottle or Mason jar and add one packet of SANO protein with 8-12 ounces of water or any unsweetened non-dairy beverage (we recommend almond milk) with a couple ice cubes (optional) and shake it!  This is like the Ray-ban Wayfarers version that were introduced in the ‘50s and immortalized in Risky Business when Tom Cruise decided every young player should own a pair!   

Blending It. If you have more time at home and are channeling that inner kitchen game, try making a blended smoothie protein shake.  And you don’t need to be a healthy celebrity chef at all since we have you covered!  SANO has a lot of great recipes that are located in the Recipes section of our website.  One in our catalog that we are loving right now is our Cherry Almond Protein Smoothie

Baking It.  At SANO we think weekends should be blissful, so indulge by adding some protein powder to your savory meals and baked goods.  Next time you fire up the griddle on a Saturday morning try adding a little nutrition by making fluffy protein pancakes or these decadent crepes

Rolling It.   If you’re looking for a snack in between meals or a little energy before a workout, you can make some energy protein balls.  These are a nutritious snack for satisfying your appetite in between meals and providing some energy.  They can be stored in a freezer for a later time.  

Protein is a vital and often overlooked nutrient that is essential for exercisers and non- exercisers alike.  Not having enough protein in your daily diet can affect your performance, recovery, health, weight and your overall appearance.  Therefore, including SANO plant-based protein daily is an excellent and convenient way to add more protein into our diet and achieve many health benefits.

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