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Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

SANO Editorial

Today marks Earth Day 2018, the day of the year when more than one billion of us celebrate the planet.  Earth Day aims to encourage people across the world to be more environmentally friendly. This might mean increasing the amount you recycle, volunteering for a green project, eating organic foods, or “voting with your dollars” as a consumer for environmentally-friendly brands. 

SANO is a brand that defines health and wellness in terms of our consumers, communities and the environment.  From our minimal organic ingredients that promote agriculture sustainability to our sustainable keep-sake packaging design, we are a brand that lives our ethos. Not only do our minimal ten ingredient formulas equal optimum results (sometimes, less is more), but they also provide for a reduced carbon footprint.  Similarly our sensible keep-sake box design that is made locally in the U.S. minimizes the amount of physical and chemical waste generated in the environment.  And our plant-based protein subscription service—which offers 20% off and free shipping—delivers on a bi-monthly basis further reducing the amount of carbon emissions.  

SANO’s decision to put the environment first was recently recognized by one of the leading digital media health and wellness companies, Well+Good, in conjunction with Earth Day.  Now it’s time for all of us to contribute to the “largest secular holiday in the world”, so take in your surroundings, appreciate them, and make an effort to be kind to your planet!

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