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Top 5 Wellness Tip for Happy, Healthy Living

SANO Editorial

By incorporating holistic wellness into your daily life, you can heal your body though natural remedies that originated from ancient practices and modern science. Given the wealth of health knowledge that exists, you can curate a program that nourishes your body, slows aging, prevents disease, and aids in increased energy, focus, metabolism and radiant skin.  Getting started could be hard, so here are SANO’s top 5 tips to get you taking steps in the right direction.

Drink More Water.  Every cell in our bodies needs water.  Having the proper hydration affects how our brain, heart and muscles operate.  Our bodies require hydration for more energy, glowing skin and overall optimal health.  By starting your day with warm lemon water, you can replenish the dehydration that occurred while you sleep along with aiding digestion.  If you get too bored with the taste of traditional water, you can always infuse your water with fruits and herbs like mint and ginger.

Move Every Day Mindfully.  If Instagram teaches us anything, it’s that jetsetters and fitness enthusiasts move around a lot capturing lust-worthy photos. This always on-the-go movement of blood allows cells, joints and muscles to nurture properly keeping the mind and body younger inside and out.  Low impact fitness activities like walking, yoga and Pilates have proven to aide in increased mobility, flexibility, strength, toning and improving brain chemistry to keep you in a happier mood. 

Improve Gut Health.  The gut microbiome—the billions of bacteria that live inside the human digestive tract—is the focus of the most exciting and compelling medical research today. Health conditions ranging from depression and Parkinson’s disease to heart disease have been linked by studies to microbiome-related imbalances to health. Maintaining a proper bacterial balance in your gut is integral to optimal health.  Feed the good bacteria with healthy foods and replenish it with probiotics.  Avoiding sugar, alcohol, processed foods and white flours will deprive the bad bacteria.  Drink more kombucha (we enjoy the variety and quality offerings by GT's) and incorporate a probiotic diet.

Eat More Plants.  The garden (or Whole Foods) is where your wellness journey should commence.  Plants are loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that can not only fight chronic diseases, but also reverse them too!  And if you chose to drink your plants, you will see added benefits with the plant-power liquids being shot into your cells like an intravenous (IV) for faster hydration and recovery.  By adding SANO’s organic plant-based proteins to your diet, you’ll be adding nourishing, clean proteins, vitamins and minerals into your body.

Get Better Sleep.  When we sleep, we allow the body to heal and recover.  Getting the proper amount of sleep (7-8 hours per day recommended) allows you to brighten your mood, manage weight properly, improve cognitive health and have beautiful glowing skin.  Poor sleep hygiene is more common than you might think with 20-40% of adults struggle with it in some way. In the U.S. there are over 70 million people who suffer from some sort of sleep disorder.  What we do in the hours leading up to bedtime can have a significant impact on the quality of our rest.  Select some rituals like taking a hot shower or bath, avoiding stimulants and caffeine, breathing essential oils and putting down your electronic devices to assure quality rest. 

Whether you are beginning or enhancing your wellness journey, it is always important to listen to your body in order to maximize your optimal self-wellness.  Each of our bodies are different and they are always changing so be in-tune and stay committed to incorporating wellness practices daily.   

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