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What Does It Mean to Live a "Good Life"?

SANO Editorial

What does it really mean to live a “good life”? This is a common question that has been asked by many dating back to the existence of life.  A more modern answer to that question usually includes a hefty salary, a great big house and jet setting vacations abroad, as society’s notion of success can be synthesized into two metrics: money and power. 

While a good life may be categorized in the short-term with money and power, many “successful” people in our society find themselves unable to sustain this lifestyle for long periods of time.  If we want to really live the good life, we need to add another layer of depth into the success equation that goes beyond superficial metrics like money and power.  When figuring how to live a good life, we must consider well-being and giving.

Scientific studies have indicated that our current life choices of prioritizes and values have not resulted in the best health statistics. Not only are Americans working longer hours for as long as labor statistics been kept, but now they are also working longer than anyone else in the industrialized world.  This where the importance of work life balance comes into the equation. While workers in other countries have been seeing their hours cut back by legislation focused on preventing work from infringing on private life, Americans have been going in the other direction. Achieving work life balance is easier said than done, but with some mindful practice, it can be done.

Use the balance of August as a time to step back from the busy life so you don’t become a casualty of the frightening statistics that are hurting our health and our relationships. Instead of thriving for success as the world portrays it, use the next couple weeks to enrich in the joys and endless possibilities that our lives embody.  With the wind at your back, now is the time to embrace self-care and life quality and live the SANO life!

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