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Top 5 Wellness Tip for Happy, Healthy Living

SANO Editorial

By incorporating holistic wellness into your daily life, you can heal your body though natural remedies that originated from ancient practices and modern science. Given the wealth of health knowledge that exists, you can curate a program that nourishes your body, slows aging, prevents disease, and aids in increased energy, focus, metabolism and radiant skin.  Getting started could be hard, so here are SANO’s top 5 tips to get you taking steps in the right direction.

Drink More Water.  Every cell in our bodies needs water.  Having the proper hydration affects how our brain, heart and muscles operate.  Our bodies require hydration for more energy, glowing skin and overall optimal health.  By starting your day with warm lemon water, you can replenish the dehydration that occurred while you sleep along with aiding digestion.  If you get too bored with the taste of traditional water, you can always infuse your water with fruits and herbs like mint and ginger.

Move Every Day Mindfully.  If Instagram teaches us anything, it’s that jetsetters and fitness enthusiasts move around a lot capturing lust-worthy photos. This always on-the-go movement of blood allows cells, joints and muscles to nurture properly keeping the mind and body younger inside and out.  Low impact fitness activities like walking, yoga and Pilates have proven to aide in increased mobility, flexibility, strength, toning and improving brain chemistry to keep you in a happier mood. 

Improve Gut Health.  The gut microbiome—the billions of bacteria that live inside the human digestive tract—is the focus of the most exciting and compelling medical research today. Health conditions ranging from depression and Parkinson’s disease to heart disease have been linked by studies to microbiome-related imbalances to health. Maintaining a proper bacterial balance in your gut is integral to optimal health.  Feed the good bacteria with healthy foods and replenish it with probiotics.  Avoiding sugar, alcohol, processed foods and white flours will deprive the bad bacteria.  Drink more kombucha (we enjoy the variety and quality offerings by GT's) and incorporate a probiotic diet.

Eat More Plants.  The garden (or Whole Foods) is where your wellness journey should commence.  Plants are loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that can not only fight chronic diseases, but also reverse them too!  And if you chose to drink your plants, you will see added benefits with the plant-power liquids being shot into your cells like an intravenous (IV) for faster hydration and recovery.  By adding SANO’s organic plant-based proteins to your diet, you’ll be adding nourishing, clean proteins, vitamins and minerals into your body.

Get Better Sleep.  When we sleep, we allow the body to heal and recover.  Getting the proper amount of sleep (7-8 hours per day recommended) allows you to brighten your mood, manage weight properly, improve cognitive health and have beautiful glowing skin.  Poor sleep hygiene is more common than you might think with 20-40% of adults struggle with it in some way. In the U.S. there are over 70 million people who suffer from some sort of sleep disorder.  What we do in the hours leading up to bedtime can have a significant impact on the quality of our rest.  Select some rituals like taking a hot shower or bath, avoiding stimulants and caffeine, breathing essential oils and putting down your electronic devices to assure quality rest. 

Whether you are beginning or enhancing your wellness journey, it is always important to listen to your body in order to maximize your optimal self-wellness.  Each of our bodies are different and they are always changing so be in-tune and stay committed to incorporating wellness practices daily.   

What Does It Mean to Live a "Good Life"?

SANO Editorial

What does it really mean to live a “good life”? This is a common question that has been asked by many dating back to the existence of life.  A more modern answer to that question usually includes a hefty salary, a great big house and jet setting vacations abroad, as society’s notion of success can be synthesized into two metrics: money and power. 

While a good life may be categorized in the short-term with money and power, many “successful” people in our society find themselves unable to sustain this lifestyle for long periods of time.  If we want to really live the good life, we need to add another layer of depth into the success equation that goes beyond superficial metrics like money and power.  When figuring how to live a good life, we must consider well-being and giving.

Scientific studies have indicated that our current life choices of prioritizes and values have not resulted in the best health statistics. Not only are Americans working longer hours for as long as labor statistics been kept, but now they are also working longer than anyone else in the industrialized world.  This where the importance of work life balance comes into the equation. While workers in other countries have been seeing their hours cut back by legislation focused on preventing work from infringing on private life, Americans have been going in the other direction. Achieving work life balance is easier said than done, but with some mindful practice, it can be done.

Use the balance of August as a time to step back from the busy life so you don’t become a casualty of the frightening statistics that are hurting our health and our relationships. Instead of thriving for success as the world portrays it, use the next couple weeks to enrich in the joys and endless possibilities that our lives embody.  With the wind at your back, now is the time to embrace self-care and life quality and live the SANO life!

5 Ways to Be Mindful on Vacation

SANO Editorial

More than 50% of people take vacations in the summer months which on average last about a week.  We take vacations to relax, recharge and heal our bodies and minds from the everyday stress.  Try these suggestions to be more mindful during vacation and experience new pleasures.

Digital Disconnect.    We spend so much in our lives responding to emails, liking pictures and posting comments on social media.  Instead of continuing that pattern while on vacation, you should separate yourself from the digital world and unplug.  Although this may be challenging for most, creating boundaries ahead of your vacation can be helpful.  Some digital disconnect suggestions include powering-down while on the plane, checking your phone only when in the hotel room and reading a print copy novel or magazine.  By initiating a digital disconnect, you will find yourself as being more present and centered in the moment.  You may even find yourself initiating some of these habits into your everyday life upon returning from vacation.  And your mind will thank you later.     

Remain Flexible.  Road traffic, long airport security lines, flight delays, unprepared hotel rooms upon arrival and long waits for pre-booked restaurant reservations are all things that are out of our personal control.  Rather than allowing unforeseen circumstances that are uncontrollable to create negative emotions, try to go with the flow while you’re on vacation.  Hit the reset button by taking three deep breaths and just accept the present situation.  Just because you may not stick to your original, perfectly planned itinerary, you’ll likely find something positive is right around the corner.  And remember, no vacations are bad vacations!

Find Time to Workout / Meditate.  Our productivity decreases and diminishes when we are stressed.  While on vacation make it a priority to move your body and meditate.  You can move your body by simply stretching, swimming, taking a walk or run on the beach, going hiking or practicing yoga. In conducting these mindful exercises, be aware of your increased sensory stimulations.  Whether it’s listening to the birds chirping, the waves crashing on the sandy shoreline or the feeling of your skin after absorbing the friendly minerals of salt water, take the time to allow your senses to be overwhelmed by nature that surrounds you. There are some superb guided mindfulness meditation apps on smartphones that you can use to reset your mind and body.  We like Stop, Breathe & Think. Find 5-15 minutes each vacation day to scan your body and allow your mind and body to reset and recharge.

Expand Your Comfort Zone.  Vacations can be a wonderful time to expand your life outside of your current comfort zone and initiate change.  First you must be mindful in pinpointing what it is you’re attempting to change in your life and focus on the life you want.  Next step is to assure your mind that you can accomplish your goals and to take action from the current status quo.  If you are trying to get over a significant other, now is a great time to stop checking his/her Facebook and Instagram accounts and sending empty texts that have a negative impact on your self-esteem.  If your goal is to increase your health and appearance, commit to breaking away from casually working out and push yourself to newly established goals.  If you think you can’t accomplish your fitness goals alone, locate the perfect trainer that will assist you in meeting the goals and appearance you desire. If you're seeking fitness inspiration, checkout the Dogpound's Instagram page; not only do the good vibes set this gym apart from other boutique fitness studios, but it's the way people are working out there. Your comfort zone is where you live 90% of your life; commit to exploring the other 10%!! 

By All Means, Treat Yourself.  There is no better time to be kind and generous to yourself than when on vacation.  Whatever makes you smile more and worry less, now is the time to take advantage of centering your mind and body.  Eat what you want and when your body tells you are hungry (get off your regular eating schedule), indulge in adult beverages, treat yourself to massages and don’t set morning alarms.  Over time our bodies become accustomed to our natural routines, so instead of setting an alarm, get out of bed when you feel like you had the proper amount of sleep.  Treat as much as you want (within reason) and commit to staying in the moment you’ve created.  Focus on your mind being in the same place as your body and enjoying the sensation or luxury that each experience presents.  Enrich yourself in the beauty of the experience.  

Whether it’s a de-stressing or creating change in your life, use your summer vacation to practice and increase your mindfulness. You’ll intensify your relaxation, maximize your joy, revitalize your spirit and enjoy all that the change of environment has to offer.

Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

SANO Editorial

Today marks Earth Day 2018, the day of the year when more than one billion of us celebrate the planet.  Earth Day aims to encourage people across the world to be more environmentally friendly. This might mean increasing the amount you recycle, volunteering for a green project, eating organic foods, or “voting with your dollars” as a consumer for environmentally-friendly brands. 

SANO is a brand that defines health and wellness in terms of our consumers, communities and the environment.  From our minimal organic ingredients that promote agriculture sustainability to our sustainable keep-sake packaging design, we are a brand that lives our ethos. Not only do our minimal ten ingredient formulas equal optimum results (sometimes, less is more), but they also provide for a reduced carbon footprint.  Similarly our sensible keep-sake box design that is made locally in the U.S. minimizes the amount of physical and chemical waste generated in the environment.  And our plant-based protein subscription service—which offers 20% off and free shipping—delivers on a bi-monthly basis further reducing the amount of carbon emissions.  

SANO’s decision to put the environment first was recently recognized by one of the leading digital media health and wellness companies, Well+Good, in conjunction with Earth Day.  Now it’s time for all of us to contribute to the “largest secular holiday in the world”, so take in your surroundings, appreciate them, and make an effort to be kind to your planet!

Building a Stronger Core

SANO Editorial

You may not realize it, but a strong core doesn’t just help you sport the summer bikini or make you fit great into those new jeans—it also helps you perform routine tasks.  You use your core every day while at home, at work, in the gym, or playing sports.  A functionally strong core isn’t just about having ripped abdominal muscles—it increases your balance and posture, reduces the risk of injury, and can increase raw power and strength by serving as a strong base.  Within this article we share with you some common misconceptions, benefits and exercises to help you improve your core strength. 

Misconceptions.  Many fitness-minded individuals fall into the common misconception of focusing on their abdominal muscles to strengthen their core.  Research suggests that the best exercises for abs don’t actually focus entirely on those flashy stomach muscles, but rather working the entire core.  When you perform hundreds of ab busting exercises like crunches, you are utterly discounting other more critical exercises that are more efficient in helping tone and sculpt the abdominal area.  By focusing more on alternative core-stabilization exercises—which we discuss later—the abs and trunk will strengthen, tone and build underlying abdominal muscles providing for stronger abs.    

Benefits. Like your mother always said, “Sit up straight, put your shoulders back and head up.” Proper poster has a direct correlation of a strong core.  Developing strong core muscles prevents you from slouching, which creates less friction on your spine providing for less wear and tear, and proper breathing.  The unequivocal benefit of having a strong core is for its functional strength benefits that we utilize every day for essential activities like standing, walking and other daily living activities.  

More and more common, individuals are being treated for chronic lower-back pain. In fact, according to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time, and it is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.  If core muscles are weak and unbalanced, the back loses its correct lumbar curve and health posture. Research confirms that by maintaining a healthy diet, staying active, and developing a strong core with proper posture considerably reduces the risk of back pain.  

Whether you are a golfer, tennis player, swimmer, runner, cyclist or any other fitness enthusiasts, all of your powerful movements originate from the center of your body.  The stabilization of the spine from the pelvis to the neck, and the shoulders that allow for the transfer of power to the arms and legs all generate from strong core muscles.  With more strengthened core muscles, the muscles in the extremities can contract and fire more powerfully on command.

Exercises.  When it comes to core exercises as we mentioned earlier, too much focus is placed on the abdominal muscles and not enough on the back, pelvic and diaphragm muscles which are essential for strength and stability.  There are several stabilization exercises that can be used to strengthen the core and here are some of our favorites: plank variations, bicycle crunches, hanging straight leg extensions, stability ball variations, BOSU ball mountain climbers, TRX fallouts, and landmine rotations, to name a few. 

Additionally, two popular practices that highlight functional core movement are Pilates and yoga.  Pilates is a mind/body discipline that increases flexibility and strengthens the legs, back, hips and abdominals—the entire core. This practice accentuates proper spinal alignment, improves balance, and proper breathing techniques to allow oxygen to flow into core contracted muscles.  Yoga is another mind/body practice that uses asanas (or poses) to enhance your posture and core strength.  There are many different variations of yoga, but the principle physical benefits are the same which focus on stretching the muscles, increasing the range of motion of various joints, and promoting flexibility and fluidity throughout the body.  All of these benefits lead to a more solid core.  If you’re seeking a flat stomach with visible abs, look no further than SLT and Y7 for sweat-dripping Pilates and yoga workouts, respectively.  You will leave the studios with wobbly legs, spaghetti arms, and out of breath for perhaps some of the top core workouts.  

Upon the development of your core muscles, you’ll notice the benefits in your daily life that include better posture, improved strength, less back pain, tighter abs, and the ability to drop a clothing size or two. In summary having a strong, flexible core is the powerhouse of your body that can optimize your athleticism and provide for a better overall quality of life. Just don’t forget that if you want to notice a visual difference in your core region, that nutrition is 80% of the equation.