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Plant-Based Protein Powder Guide for Beginners

SANO Editorial

Whether you are an experienced user of non-dairy plant-based protein powders or if you’re on your new year’s resolution journey, you’ll find this article of interest.  At SANO—meaning ‘healthy’ in the Italian language—our cornerstone product is organic, plant-based nutrition for those seeking to live their best luxury lifestyle.  SANO organic plant-based proteins are made from a multi-source blend of plant-based proteins and are an excellent option to increase more plant-based nutrition into your on-the-go life.   

Is SANO Plant-Based Protein Right for Me? Which protein powder is best for beginners?  Whether you desire high-quality nutrition, the addition of more plant-based foods into your diet or a post-workout recovery protein shake, SANO is right for you.  In selecting SANO organic plant-based protein each serving includes 20 grams of clean protein from pea protein, hemp protein and flaxseeds—which include all nine essential amino acids—vitamins and minerals, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.  Our flavors are available in two delectable options that include vanilla and chocolate. We are an easy addition to a plant-based diet for beginners and experts alike. 

How Can I Use My Plant-Based Protein Powder?  No matter which flavor you select, not only are they delicious in taste but they are extremely versatile.  Our organic plant protein powder tastes yummy when mixed with water or your favorite non-dairy beverages.  Additionally, SANO proteins can also be used in a lot of different ways in the kitchen such as shaking it, blending it, baking it and rolling it. 

Shaking It. Do you always find yourself on-the-go?  No worries, SANO organic plant-based proteins are conveniently packaged in single-serve sizes to take with you.  Take any blender bottle or Mason jar and add one packet of SANO protein with 8-12 ounces of water or any unsweetened non-dairy beverage (we recommend almond milk) with a couple ice cubes (optional) and shake it!  This is like the Ray-ban Wayfarers version that were introduced in the ‘50s and immortalized in Risky Business when Tom Cruise decided every young player should own a pair!   

Blending It. If you have more time at home and are channeling that inner kitchen game, try making a blended smoothie protein shake.  And you don’t need to be a healthy celebrity chef at all since we have you covered!  SANO has a lot of great recipes that are located in the Recipes section of our website.  One in our catalog that we are loving right now is our Cherry Almond Protein Smoothie

Baking It.  At SANO we think weekends should be blissful, so indulge by adding some protein powder to your savory meals and baked goods.  Next time you fire up the griddle on a Saturday morning try adding a little nutrition by making fluffy protein pancakes or these decadent crepes

Rolling It.   If you’re looking for a snack in between meals or a little energy before a workout, you can make some energy protein balls.  These are a nutritious snack for satisfying your appetite in between meals and providing some energy.  They can be stored in a freezer for a later time.  

Protein is a vital and often overlooked nutrient that is essential for exercisers and non- exercisers alike.  Not having enough protein in your daily diet can affect your performance, recovery, health, weight and your overall appearance.  Therefore, including SANO plant-based protein daily is an excellent and convenient way to add more protein into our diet and achieve many health benefits.

Creating a Better Version of You

SANO Editorial

It’s a new year, and for many of us that accompanied the goal of transforming our diet and fitness regimen.  If a good portion of you have fallen off the proverbial wagon for New Year’s resolutions, we thought we could help you frame your resolutions in a slightly different way.  And for those of you who have stuck to your resolution so far—congratulations and we think you may find this article useful too.    

Accept and Love Yourself Now.  You may have heard this before, but you can’t really love another until you fully immerse loving yourself. If you carefully observe what you already have with appreciation and bless it for having significance in your life, you can reset your brain to acknowledge all of the good things in your life.  Acknowledging all that is good in your life is the groundwork for all richness.  Once you have ability to realize and accept all of the intrinsic assets you possess, you can successfully increase your feeling of self-worth and share that with others.  

Release Anger and Practice Forgiveness.  When someone you have feelings for hurts you with their actions or words we have a tendency to retain anger, resentment and seek revenge to even the score.  While the feeling of anger is completely normal for humans, it can sometimes effect our physical and mental health.  Research by the Mayo Clinic suggests the retention of anger can cause difficulty sleeping, digestive problems and event heart conditions.  The quicker you are able to forgive and release yourself from the feeling of resentment from the negative experiences of the past, the better you will be to move on.  Try articulating your feelings on paper or meditating about your negative experience so you can learn to not repeat them in the future.  Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself.

Always Be Polite and Courteous.  How much effort does it take to say “thank you” or “thank you so much” to someone that may have done something for you, or to hold a door for someone who might be a couple steps behind you?  During your morning commute, try starting your day holding a door or elevator for someone and feel the gratitude encapsulate your body.  And if someone is rude or condescending to you, kill them with your kindness. Your small act of kindness may put them in a better mood and have a rippling effect to others they may encounter throughout the day. 

Surprise Someone Special.  Everyone likes surprises right? Think about the rush of excitement you experience when a package awaits you at home as you try to think what might be inside, or that time your friend told you that just the two of you were going out for drinks/dinner and the rest of your friends / family / colleagues were there to celebrate a special occasion in your life.  Why do those little unexpected pleasures in life mean so much to us?  According to Dr. Gregory S. Berns, MD, PhD, our brain’s pleasure sensors are more “turned on” when we experience unpredictable enjoyable things relative to predictable events.  Turn a loved one’s pleasure sensors on by sending them a card or present.  And remember, it’s not about the gift’s value, it’s the words that accompany it and the thought that counts. 

Live for Yesterday.  Everything we read today tells us to live for the moment.  While we believe that it’s important to savor the fruitfulness of the beauty and love that surrounds us, today is really tomorrow’s yesterday.  Sometimes living “in the moment” results in impulse behavior causing undesirable results and strife in our lives. Living too in the moment can sometimes cause subsequent depression due to martial issues, financial illiquidity and even health concerns.  When you think about it, living in the past is really living in the present and it’s critical to realize the decisions you make today will significantly impact the results of the vision and goals you set to obtain in the future.

Becoming a better person doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s most important to believe in yourself and know that there is a better you inside that desires to come out.  Sometimes choosing the road less traveled will make all the difference.

Maintaining Current Weight through the Holidays

SANO Editorial

Now that we are in the throes of the holiday season, now is the time to be engaged and mindful about maintaining your current weight.  Here are some of our best tips for staying at your current weight while heading into the New Year.

Mindful Food Consumption. The holiday party season is under way. Try eating a later lunch or snacking before the party so you are not starving upon arrival.  High protein diets are associated with increased satiety so incorporating proteins during the holiday season is always a smart choice.  Some of our favorite non-animal based proteins include quinoa, beans and lentils.  If you chose to select some animal-based proteins during the holidays, stick to leaner meats such as turkey, grilled chicken and filet mignon. Consuming holiday desserts doesn't have to be dangerous; try sticking to the desserts that don’t have added refined sugars or just sample the desserts you’re craving.  The quicker we consume food, the less time our brain has to react to the body’s fullness, so eat slowly and allow 20 minutes in between courses.

Beware of the Booze.  You’ve heard this a million times but don’t drink your calories—unless of course they are nutrient-dense smoothies.  If you’re going to indulge in some alcoholic beverages this holiday season, steer clear of the creamy and sugary pumpkin spice cocktails, apple ciders, egg nogs, and similar deliciously tasting cocktails.  Your body will quickly break down these sugary cocktails causing almost an immediate spike in blood sugar with the sugars turning into fat stored in the body. Also, the closer you are positioned to the where the alcohol is being served, the more likely you will actually consume (same goes for food).  As simple as this may sound, turn your back to the bar to take your mind off ordering a final, final beverage.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.  Dehydration is one of the major causes of hangovers.  If you’re planning to consume some adult beverages during holiday parties, make sure to pregame with alkaline water before leaving home.  Also, drinking a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages helps to not cause dehydration and shrinkage of brain tissue which leads to headaches.  Prior to going to bed make certain to drink 1-2 glasses of water so the body will not be grabbing water from the brain while you sleep. The consumption of water also helps people to feel full, thereby decreasing the temptation to consume additional calories.  

Move More and Be Engaged.  Inevitably partaking in holiday parties will be accompanied by more calories than normal, so moving more at the gym or throughout the day should be a serious goal.  Instead of getting on the first car of the train, riding the escalator or parking in the closest parking spot to your destination, be mindful of taking more steps than you would normally.  If you can’t find the time to get to the gym, remember using your body weight for exercises to increase your heart rate works well too.  While the holiday season is supposed to include a lot of cheer and joy, it can also include stress due to family time, travel and expectations.  Try to mediate using muscle relaxation and breathing techniques to aid in control emotions and temptations.   

You have to take care of yourself before you can take of others, so don’t deprive yourself of such satisfying pleasures during the holidays.  Instead, indulge in moderation by incorporating these healthy tips for a brightened holiday season with friends and loved ones. 

What You Need to Know About Protein

SANO Editorial 

Everyone knows that proteins are the building blocks of life that are important for skin, hair, muscle, cartilage, blood and bones. You might be eating enough protein in your daily diet, but are you consuming the correct kinds?

Proteins—considered long chains of amino acids—keep our metabolism running and energy levels high. Without enough diverse amino acids in your daily diet, you may become deficient in certain amino acids causing low energy, weight fluctuation, inability to gain lean muscle mass and mood swings.  

Advantage Protein. Protein consumption can cause increased satiety to a greater extent than carbohydrates or fats, so they can prevent overeating. They also prevent blood glucose spikes, which can balance energy levels and keep your appetite in check avoiding those late afternoon sweets cravings along with naturally balanced hormones. Proteins assist in warding off muscle loss that can result from a low-calorie diet, which makes certain proteins super foods for weight loss.

Not All Proteins are Created Equally. A “complete” or “whole” protein is a source of protein that contains adequate proportions of all nine amino acids that are required for human dietary needs.   These essential amino acids are needed to be consumed since our bodies can’t produce them ourselves. SANO’s vegan plant-based proteins not only contain 20 grams of protein, but include a complete amino acid profile.

Whole(foods) or Bust. Because we all live on-the-go, busy lifestyles, sometimes we can’t always receive our protein sources from real food. Don’t worry, at SANO we got you covered with our organic protein powders that are made up of clean vegan  raw whole foods. Our plant-based proteins include all nine essential amino acids, are rich in fiber, contain no sugar, and are available in decadent rich vanilla and chocolate flavors.

No Whey. The least expensive and most ubiquitous form of a protein supplement is whey. Whey protein derives from milk, which creates a health problem for those who have lactose intolerant allergies or intolerances. Manufactures of whey-based protein supplements often mask the powders with cheaply added preservatives, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. SANO’s plant-based protein powders contain only the cleanest and purest whole food protein sources with no additives or fillers.

Soy You Later. Approximately 95% of the soy that is consumed by Americans is bad for us. The issue with soy is most soy today contains something called phytoestrogens, which are estrogen mimickers in the body. If you’re a male consuming extra estrogen, it’s going to give you more feminine characteristics. If you’re a woman consuming foods that increase estrogen levels, it’s going to increase your risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other hormone imbalance-related disorders. Another criticism of late has been that soy is produced through genetic modification. Luckily, SANO’s plant-based protein is soy-free and non-GMO.

Decisions about your diet and lifestyle are important. So now that you are an informed consumer, be part of the SANO movement and pick up some of our organic plant-based protein today.

Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

SANO Editorial 

It’s not just for athletes and Olympians. High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) refers to any type of workout that combines high intensity bursts of exercise with fixed recovery periods. Don’t have time to get to the gym, no worries. HIIT exercise can be completed in a 15-20 minute session in the comfort of your own home with little or no equipment required. Here, we share the must-know HIIT facts so you can torch calories, burn fat, and sculpt lean muscle effectively just in time for summer.

Insanely Efficient. Who needs hour long workouts when you can get as good if not better results in 15 minutes?! HIIT workouts are perfect for anyone who has the typical busy lifestyle and can only find a short window of time before work, during lunch or after work. Research has proven that completing HITT workouts three times per week can provide more caloric burn than someone jogging on a treadmill for an hour. Why spend 2 hours at the gym when you can get as much accomplished in a fraction of the time?

Shed Fat, Not Lean Muscle. When dieting in anticipation of getting into a swimsuit, it’s sometimes challenging to not lose that hard-earned lean muscle along with fat. While cardio promotes muscle loss, several studies have shown that weight training and HIIT workouts maintain those earned gym sweat muscles safeguarding that most of the weight lost come from stored fat.

Healthier Heart. With high intensity workouts like HIIT, the heart becomes a stronger pump providing the blood vessels and arteries to become more elastic. As a result, blood and oxygen are allowed to flow easier throughout the body preventing against heart attacks and strokes. And after all, a healthier heart leaves you well equipped for the challenges ahead and the ability to seek extraordinary new heights.

Increase Metabolism. It is true that all workouts burn fat by burning calories, but more intense workouts burn more fat. One of the biggest draws of HIIT is it’s a great metabolism booster. After your workout the body continues burning fat and produces human growth hormone (HGH) by nearly 500% during the 24 hours following your workout. HGH not only assists in burning more calories, but also decelerates the aging process providing for a younger look both inside and out.

No Gym or Equipment Required. Who wants to be in a gym working out when you can get shredded outdoors or at home?! You can get an excellent calorie-incinerating, body sculpting HIIT sesh at the beach, park or even in your living room. Here are some of our favorite HIIT exercises: squats/lunges, squats / planks / pushups, and jumping jacks / squats / pushups.

Compared to other cardio workouts, HITT  workouts along with supplementing nourishing vegan proteins can improve your endurance, increase strength and get you shredded in a fraction of the time!